The Most Important Thing You Can Do is Find the Courage to Change What’s Not Working in Your Life. -Brian Nunez #ElevatetoGreat


Sustainable change comes from mastering one habitual change at a time before earning the right to progress. When it comes to building a new healthy lifestyle, it’s greater to learn and understand what healthy habits you need to incorporate into your life. Our Nutrition Guide and Sample Meal Plan isn’t your generic “chicken and broccoli” meal plan. It’s an in-depth tool that will allow YOU to create a nutrition program specific to your body and your needs. There are no fads or quick fix diets, just practical education on the fundamentals of a well-balanced diet.


A healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring! We strongly believe that “Food is Fuel” and the GPS Recipe Book provides over 70 quick and easy, healthy meals that can be made for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even dessert!


Our 8 week Workout Program is perfect if you’re just starting out your training, if you’re traveling and need on-the-go workouts or if you just need a little more structure to your current routine. Each week, these workouts include Total Body, Upper Body, Lower Body and Core & Conditioning training splits that can be done with minimal equipment while maximizing efficiency.

Achieve Success

Anna Saechao

I lost over 10lbs in 8 weeks by following both the nutrition and workout program. I didnt think it was much BUT my before and after pictures speak for themselves! I’m stronger, feel less bloated and have more energy than ever before!

Tuong Le

I love the meals and recipes in the nutrition guide! They’re so simple and easy but clean and delicious! Other recipe books are great but they’re so complicated. I felt like I could actually stick to my Nutrition Game Plan because I actually liked the food that I was eating and prepping. Highly recommend!

Celso Endo

I started the program with 23% body fat and I genuinely thought it was impossible to go below 20% but after 8 weeks, I lost 8% BF and 16lbs of FAT! Now I’m challenging myself to get to single digit body fat percentage! I finally found a program that works!

Nick Howser

I’m a big fan of the workouts! I love the variety and the simple format of each day. They’re fun, quick and straight-forward. I think that’s why I’ve been able to stick with them for the full 8 weeks! I spend 30-40 mins during my lunch break to get a quick workout in and I feel great afterwards!


Get the Game Planner Journal, access to the online training system, and an invitation to the online Game Planner Community all for one low price!