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Access our extensive collection of virtual training courses and interactive stimulations that aligns with each step of the Game Planner System.


Tap into our Memory Vault of Resources and documents that include templates, training forms, and other educational tools that’ll help guide you through the process.


The GPS Training Center Certification course breaks down each step of the overall process into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces by providing short interactive videos. Each video provides in-depth examples and practical takeaways as you’re going through the GPS Program.

Achieve Success

Angela Lee

Through this process, I’ve learned focused discipline and mindset… The Game Planner System has made me more aware of my biases and I’ve come to accept that my journey is my own and I can live with the ups and downs as long as I know I’ve been intentional. I’m not waking up each day letting the wind blow me in any direction.

Jen Wylie

I am able to keep the big picture in mind and feel that I know what my goals are and thus can stay focused and act with intention. Have also become more conscientious and improved on my goals and areas of my life that have always been a struggle. Increasing water intake, decreasing body fat % by 6% in 30 days, increasing strength, finished up current job and am ready to move on to my next chapter, Med School!

Leticia Carney

I’m staying in my lane more and am able to use negativity as fuel to my fire. My confidence has increased tremendously…Before I kept thinking there’s no way I can do this but I now tell myself that I will! The Game Planner System has changed my mentality and I feel so grateful for my newfound confidence and clarity.

Phil Ackerly

Going through the Game Planner System, I’ve gained the self awareness and clarity that I needed to navigate through my life. I have an easier time saying no to people that distract my attention. I’m more focused on meeting my goals. I feel more confident on my targets, while knowing that I can still do better. I’ve added new routines to my repertoire, invested in marketing and coaching for my business, and reached out to give more back to my community.

Jen Martinez

The Game Planner System has helped me have a better understanding of what I will and will not tolerate in my life. I’ve even gotten over my fear of trying something new!


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