How to Live Your Most Fit, Focused and Free Life.


“Elevate to Great” is more than just your typical motivational, self-development book. E2G provides real life stories, applicable lessons and practical exercises to help you live your most fit, focused and free life. The take-aways provided in this book are relatable to anyone’s personal journey. From how to deal with internal day-to-day struggles to discovering your passion, purpose and true potential, Elevate to Great is just what you need to take meaningful action towards living the life you deserve!


Brian is an internationally recognized industry leader and award winning presenter inspiring coaches and clients all over the world. He is one of the most sought after coaches in the world specializing in athletic performance, mental conditioning, and business leadership.

He is the founder of FNS Training Center, a distinguished performance training facility that provides a one of a kind “team training” experience along with personal training, nutrition coaching, and mental conditioning.

Achieve Success

Pam Adkisson

Honest and authentic! I highly recommend this book, no matter one’s stage in life! An honest and vulnerable autobiography, includes a step by step, accomplishable guide for guidance in breaking through to your best life! #ElevatetoGreat

Debbie Cheng

The book does a great job of not only sharing the why behind his dedication to serve others to be fit, focused and free, but it shows how he’s applied the principles and lessons through his first-hand experiences. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to find their life’s purpose and wanting to live the best versions of themselves.

Erik Murawsky

Clarity, Conviction, Courage, Consistency. “Elevate to Great” delivers an outstanding resource for anyone looking to bring out the best in themselves while helping guide you toward a positive, free, & fulfilled lifestyle. You are not meant to live a “normal” or “average” life.

Kim T. Nguyen

This book is simple but powerful. The stories shared in the book are not only very inspiring but bring valuable life lessons that can be applied to anyone in all stages of their lives. It also inspired me to take action on how to become more focused through my own self-awareness.

Matt Reichstein

This book tells an amazing story of someone who came from very little and now inspires people to push themselves to greatness. All of the additional advice and steps to take that he has loaded in this book, can set anyone up for a great Game Plan to succeed in life. I highly recommend this book to everyone that wants to take their life story to the top.


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